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Merden Human and Cultural Policy

To ensure that Merden is an employer of choice by creating and maintaining a qualified organisation consisting of highly committed teams.

We proceed in line with our Human Resources values of Justice, Respect, Open Communication, Equal Opportunity and Diversity, and we publish Merden’s organisation, procedures and policies on an open platform accessible to all our employees.

We encourage open communication and we attach great importance to the opinions of our employees; accordingly, we meticulously evaluate all applications that reach our suggestion, objection and I have an idea applications where they can freely share their thoughts.

In order to train new leaders, we make action plans for the development areas of our employees and continuously improve our processes to manage talent accurately and effectively.

We discover young talents and make room for them in our team. We produce effective results with intergenerational interaction in an environment where they can work together with our experienced teams.

We sincerely care about the satisfaction of our employees because we know that our employees are our most precious treasure on the road to the future.


Since 2009, Merden has been taking firm steps forward in the sector and offers a reliable delivery network service in maritime, road and air transport.

Merden is proud to be your reliable partner in transport solutions that always prioritises customer satisfaction and has successfully implemented many projects.


As Merden, we take the biggest power from people in our success journey. In line with our vision of adding value to the transport sector, we see each individual as a value and make our employees our primary focus. We offer various programmes and trainings in order to create opportunities for the development of our employees, to enable them to discover their potential, and to increase their cooperation and motivation.


We aim to maximise the potential of our employees and to create a social work environment with practices suitable for their needs. We develop various social activities and support personal development in order to increase motivation, which is the biggest share of success. As Merden, we care about creating a work environment that contributes positively not only to business performance but also to the overall quality of life of our employees.

Processes such as Recruitment, Wage Management, Performance Management, Training, Promotion, Rotation are designed in a way to ensure equal opportunity among employees and not to allow any discrimination.

In the recruitment process, Merden evaluates according to the areas where you can improve or benefit the most.

Merden aims to provide a work environment where respect for the individual is the basis of all work.

Merden offers continuous development opportunities to maximise the performance of employees.

If you want to be a part of our growing and developing structure every day, contribute to the creation of many international solutions and shape your future, we would like to see you among us.


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