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Digital Shipowner : New Generation Service in Logistics!

With the Digital Shipowner System (DAS), you can digitalise your processes and increase your service speed to a great extent! With the DAS Project, we can create Freight and Local prices and send offers within 120 seconds.
With the DAS project, which works together with the Pricing department, we offer our customers the best possible price.
We offer container movements and location to our customers so that they can follow them. With the DAS Project, we can give our customers the fastest and longest transit time.

Business Intelligence: Business intelligence provides strategic and operational analyses to improve decision-making processes and enable businesses to use their data more efficiently.

With this work, it can help them achieve their various goals such as increasing productivity, managing customer relations and gaining competitive advantage.

It can help businesses understand market trends, make data-based strategic decisions and prepare their businesses for future uncertainties. We are actively using the system to become a sustainable company.

CRM: Increased Customer Satisfaction: CRM systems allow for more personalised and effective communication with customers. This increases customer satisfaction and helps build a loyal customer base.

Increased Sales Efficiency: CRM provides the opportunity to monitor and manage sales processes. It can be used to better understand customer demands, identify potential customers and make the sales cycle more effective.

Improving Customer Relationships: CRM can track all customer interactions to strengthen customer relationships and improve the customer experience. This allows businesses to better understand customer needs and provide better service to them.

Increased Marketing Efficiency: CRM enables customising marketing campaigns according to customer preferences and behaviours. This ensures that marketing strategies are more effective and the marketing budget is used efficiently.

Data Analysis and Reporting Opportunity: CRM systems allow businesses to analyse and report customer data. This helps businesses understand customer behaviour and trends and determine future strategies accordingly.

Cross-Selling and Customer Loyalty: CRM systems make it possible to identify cross-selling opportunities and increase customer loyalty by analysing customer buying habits.

Online Tracking: We can quickly show our customers the latest status and all movements of their containers 24/7. With this digital transformation, we can apply many statistics and decision-making systems within ourselves.

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange This technology enables the electronic exchange of invoices, invoices and other commercial documents between businesses, reducing manual processes and paper usage. EDI systems use established protocols and formats to exchange data between different businesses in a standardised way. In our current system, we can receive invoices online and transfer them into the system without printing.

Automatic invoice cutting: With the help of robots, we use a Metal Collar for the cutting of our invoices, not a staff. Invoices are cut more accurately and faster and sent to our customers.

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