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Shipowner Ship owner, carrier
Agency An organisation operating in any port on behalf of the shipowner and acting as its representative.
NVOCC “Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier” (Carrying without owning a ship)
Co-Loader Carrying out transport by consolidating the freight of forwarders with its own freight.
Forwarder Organiser company that carries out the operation of road, air, sea, railway transport, customs clearance and insurance services and has an active agency network.
Bill Of Lading (B/L) Sea waybill
Master B/L Master Bill of Lading
House B/L Interim Bill of Lading
Charter Carriage It is the transport made by renting the ship completely or partially (part cargo).
Charter Party It is the name given to the contract made between the carrier and the shipowner.
Bulk Loading Bulk loading in conventional freight transport.
Broker Broker acting as an intermediary between shipowner and shipper.
RO-RO Transportation Carriage by ships carrying vehicles, trailers or containers
Free In (FI) Cost of loading at the port
Free Out (FO) Unloading costs at the port
Liner In (LI) The cost of loading belongs to the shipowner
Liner Out (LO) The cost of unloading belongs to the shipowner
Stuffing Stacking, placing the load in the container
Unstuffing Emptying the container
Stevedoring Ship loading and unloading service
Storage Storage / warehousing at the port
Demurrage If the ship exceeds the loading and unloading time allowed to it or the cargo waiting in the container is not withdrawn and discharged from customs before the allotted time.
Free Time Free time. The time the cargo can wait without demurrage. Demurrage is applied in case of time exceeding.
THC (Terminal Handling Fee) : Handling fee at the port
Provisional Acceptance According to the customs legislation in Turkey, containers have the status of goods subject to customs. For this reason, customs clearance costs arise when a container is removed from the bonded area in the port or brought back to the port.
CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) Inclusion of fluctuations in the US dollar in freight.
BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) Inclusion of fluctuations in fuel oil prices in overseas transports to a certain extent in the freight.
Primage A surcharge imposed by the shipowner to reduce the shipowner’s risk, usually used in export freight from Turkey.
War Risk Surcharge (WRS) Surcharge in addition to freight for voyages to ports where there is a risk of war.
High Cube Surcharge Additional charge for High Cube container
IMCO Charge Surcharge requested by the shipowner for dangerous goods carriage

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