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Common Authorization Certificates in Transportation

Road transport is an important logistics sector across the globe and enables the efficient transportation of goods. However, companies engaged in road transport are required to have certain authorization certificates in order to operate legally.

These authorization certificates aim to regulate the transportation business and ensure safety and standards. In this blog post, we will explore the most commonly used authorization documents in the road transport sector. If you are ready, let’s step into the world of transportation and explore the importance and function of these documents!

1. International Transport Road Document (Carnet TIR): It is an important document used for international road transportation. Carnet TIR is used for temporary imports and exports from one country to another. This document facilitates customs formalities and speeds up the crossing of borders.

2. International Transport Documents (CMR Document): The CMR Certificate is a transport document valid for international road transportation. This document contains details of the cargo to be transported, information of the sender and consignee, the responsibilities of the transport company and insurance information.

3. Vehicle Operating License (TIR): This is a type of license that must be used by vehicles registered in the TIR system. Vehicles included in the TIR system must have this license together with the TIR Carnet in order to be processed more quickly and easily at customs.

4. Road Transportation Activity Certificate: It is a document that all companies engaged in road transportation must have. This document is obtained from the transport agency or authority of the relevant country and shows the authority of the transport company to operate legally.

5. Passenger Transportation Permit: This is a document that passenger transportation companies must have. This document shows the transport company’s authorization to carry out passenger transportation and its license valid for a certain period or region.

6. Dangerous Goods Transportation Permit (ADR Certificate): It is a document used for the transportation of dangerous goods by road. This document requires transport vehicles, drivers and transport companies to comply with certain standards to ensure the safe transport of dangerous goods.

In this article, we have touched upon the important authorization documents in road transport. However, keep in mind that each country has its own regulations and requirements. It is important for those entering the road transport business to obtain authorization documents taking into account the legislation and requirements of the relevant country.

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